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What does this service do?

We provide Facebook RSS feed. Also, you get a bunch of data that can be processed and analyzed as you need.

You will get for each post on Facebook page or group:

How does it work?

Fb-Feed will generate RSS for any page after two simple steps:

  1. Specify URL for which you want to create RSS
  2. Get your RSS URL

I added a Facebook URL on my dashboard, but posts were not found or I get an error message.

Please do the next steps:

  1. Log Out from Facebook or just open a new browser window in incognito mode.
  2. Now try to view that Facebook group or page.

Are you able to see the posts when you are not logged in? If no, then you can try to make the group public (not closed) or to change posts' privacy to "puplic" (of course, if you are the owner of the page).

Can I get RSS feed or data from <not_facebook_website>?

No, our service supports only Facebook.

How long does my RSS URL exist?

This depends on your subscription plan. Please go to subscriptions page to get more info and compare plans.

How often do you update my RSS feeds?

It depends on your account`s type. Please check our subscriptions page for more details.

How much does it cost?

You can use Fb-Feed for free if you're happy with Free plan limitations. We also have a good choice of paid plans that can satisfy any need. You can check the difference between plans on our prices page.

Still Have Questions?

Write to us and we will answer your question!